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Post Donington Race Report

I arrived at donny with the post media day worries, due to not having set a lap time. But trying to put that behind me and focus on the task ahead.

My faith was in the team. Their hard work, and knowledge of both my driving style, the track itself and the continual understanding of the car started to pay off quickly with the RCIB Avensis feeling like it was working with me the way I wanted it to. 

Craners was interesting flat for the first time, then the head went down, the times soon followed. Not as quick as we wanted, but we were making a few people worry. 

Qualy came and went, with traffic as spaced out as it was, a clean lap was almost off the cards. Until last possible lap, 30s left. Clear track, out of the chicane the fastest I had been. Speed traps right up there, went into turn 1 a little hot, locked up and the back end twitched too much, ruining my chances of improving. Still, we weren't at the back of the grid, but not where we wanted to be.

During the races we got some contact, but got through the mess, and powered on, continuing to improve in times and positions. Being able to smile knowing the car proved itself, and that I was beginning to feel at home. Ahead of where we expected. And to the board room to see where we can improve and up the game again.

Thruxton is going to be a challenge, having never been. But the deep end is where we seem to be often, and where we work well. So our aim is to impress, and prove ourselves again.

Thank you to all sponsors, RCIB, Car Throttle, Clydeside Surveys LTD, Origin Automotive, Ecotune, ReTell, TAMZ Vehicle Detailing Products, StudioJQ, Track Addict and Tim Holmes Design for all their effort and help. It wouldn't be possible without them.

Photography credit - Craig McAllister of CMC-Images